Friday, 2 December 2011

Biebers $1,650 Sweater

Sorry for the lack of updates, haven't been able to get on the computer.

Once I started up my computer and opened my good old internet explorer 8.0 with google set as my homepage I began my daily surfing(more like justin bieber stalking!)

Theres not much news in regards to his baby—im REALLY really excited about the outcome of the paternity test. I really hope its his...even though it'll probably be 0.00001% chance. I BELIEB!!

Anyway onto his cool sweater which I wish I could afford. The "Mistletoe" singer appeared on the Today show on Wednesday wearing a Junya Watanabe jacket slash sweater. 

I've got to say... I really don't mind it. Hahaha, the design that is. The price, now thats another thing, it'll cost you a WHOPPING $1,650.

Would you spend $1,650 on a piece of clothing? I mean I can get a decent suit for that much, its the most i'd probably spend on clothing though.

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  1. Is those sweater one of those trendy Norwegian ones that everybody is talking about?