Saturday, 29 October 2011

Bitton Jeans!

One of the most powerful and fashionable names in jean wear throughout the fashion design industry is the popular David Bitton Buffalo Jeans. First launched in Canada in 1985 this fashion label is not exactly new and has been gaining momentum every season.

With the enigmatic designer, Bitton, always pushing the boundaries of fashion, you will see the trend setter creating masterpieces that tickle the eyes and bolster the body in one trendy pair of jeans.

Who wears David Bitton's Buffalo Jeans? Many of the top name celebrities such as Christina Aguilera, Halle Berry and Brad Pitt just to name a few. With such a fashionable design many A-list celebs have dawned the jeans to maintain the trendy ambiance that is necessary in the spot light of high fashion.

Now, Bitton is offering his Buffalo Jeans in fashion retailers around the world in over 40 countries and in cities such as New York and London. From fancy boutiques to you local Macy's, you can find the perfect pair of Buffalo's that fit you.

And its Canadian! Eh.

Here are some that I just purchased at The Bay at Metrotown!

Wish I had some more money or I'd buy this one!

Oh, next pay cheque for sure!

Monday, 24 October 2011

Justin Bieber wears what's comfortable -- it's as simple as that. The pop sensation rocked the red carpet at Dolce & Gabbana's Fashion's Night Out event in New York City, where he spoke about his own fashion choices, including women's jeans

Bieber spoke to Life & Style magazine about his affinity for ladies' jeans. "I've worn women's jeans before because they feel soft and comfy. It's not a trend; it's just, whatever feels right, feels right." Again, Justin says this isn't a trend, so if everybody starts wearing Not Your Daughter's Jeans, don't blame him.
Bieber was responding to a question about Kanye West's decision to wear a women's sweater. "It wasn't (so he'd) look like a woman in a sweater; it was just a regular sweater that happened to be a woman's."
An article from the Yahoo! Contributor Network points out that Justin and Kanye aren't the only male stars to wear women's duds. Actress Liv Tyler has caught her dad, Aerosmith rocker Steven Tyler, wearing her threads. Same deal with Zoe Kravitz of "X-Men: First Class" fame. Her papa, Lenny Kravitz, has been known to raid her closet.

The Biebs is no stranger to nontraditional styles, though he's not going to cross into Lady Gaga "meat dress" territory. At the 2011 Billboard Music Awards, Justin rocked an Elvis-like glittery gold dinner jacket. He's worn leopard-print shoes, oddly oversized glasses, and white leather with rhinestones (always a bold choice). And don't forget the women's jeans. You got a problem with that? Yes, yes I do...

Thursday, 20 October 2011

Bieber Fever

Do you have Bieber fever?
It seems like these days, almost everyone who is a Justin Bieber fan is MADLY obsessed. They want the Justin Bieber clothing, the songs, the posters, any Justin Bieber item that they can get their hands on!
They even started selling used Justin Bieber underwear!

Yup- "beliebe" it or not, it's out there, and a lot of fans want it!

Bieber hasn't put out a studio album of new material since 'My World 2.0' in March of 2010 but there have been rumblings about a new studio album over the past few months. These rumblings came well before his decision to put out his Christmas album, 'Under the Mistletoe', 'out Nov. 1. He said he's already at work on the new, non-Christmas album.

Over the past few months some of the names connected to helping him with the new record in one way or another reads like a who's who of current pop music: Will i Am from the Black Eyed Peas, Chris Brown, Usher, Lil Wayne producer David Banner, Ne-Yo and Sean Garrett. Lots of big names are popping up with Justin Bieber. I just can't wait for what they put out next!

Do you have the bieber watch? G-Shock by Casio, some of the most durable watches around and water proof too! Although I do believe a nice Patek Phillipe is always classy, the G-Shock definitely stands out much more.