Monday, 14 November 2011


"Justin Bieber, the same Justin Bieber who got a ticket diving a car that is too fast for him and that he is probably too young and too immature to own, just bought an expensive new Range Rover. I think it is safe to say that at 17 Justin Bieber is just too young to handle the kind of money he is making. 

You may be wondering how expensive is this new Range Rover that Bieber bought? Try over one hundred thousand dollars expensive. That is just a ridiculous amount of money for anyone to spend on a Range Rover of all cars. According to reports the stereo system and speakers alone cost fifty thousand. Are you kidding me? So is Bieber going to be one of those annoying people who drives down the street with his beats bumping and shaking other people's cars and waking people up in the middle of the night? 

My question is, what kind of parent lets their child waste their money on that kind of car when they are barely old enough to drive? What kind of lesson does this send to Justin about spending his money wisely? Based on history, the odds are that Bieber will be a nobody in by the time he is 21, so he should spend his money a little smarter than he is. Nobody thought Michael Jackson could ever go broke, but he did, and believe me when I say that Justin Bieber is no Michael Jackson. 

It also begs to question, why would his mother let him buy this car in light of the fact that he was caught speeding like a maniac in his last car? Does she have any control over him at all? 

At 17, Justin Bieber should be learning about responsibility. Too many young stars that are acting like Bieber have ended up broke and alone after their short careers are over. Fame doesn't last forever and either does the money. He is too immature to understand this and his mother should be in charge of his money right now and showing him a little responsibility."

Although I wish I had a range rover and a $50,000 sound system when I was 17. You know how many car alarms would go off when I crank that bass?! Yeeeeeeah!


  1. I think it must be difficult when you are that young and that successful and surrounded by people telling you how great you are not to be sucked in and think that this will go on for ever. I feel sorry for him. you make a valid point. Though if I had that sort of money the last thing I'd buy would be a big car...

  2. Why not a big car? It feels so safe to be in. Although the gas prices are going through the roof!