Saturday, 29 October 2011

Bitton Jeans!

One of the most powerful and fashionable names in jean wear throughout the fashion design industry is the popular David Bitton Buffalo Jeans. First launched in Canada in 1985 this fashion label is not exactly new and has been gaining momentum every season.

With the enigmatic designer, Bitton, always pushing the boundaries of fashion, you will see the trend setter creating masterpieces that tickle the eyes and bolster the body in one trendy pair of jeans.

Who wears David Bitton's Buffalo Jeans? Many of the top name celebrities such as Christina Aguilera, Halle Berry and Brad Pitt just to name a few. With such a fashionable design many A-list celebs have dawned the jeans to maintain the trendy ambiance that is necessary in the spot light of high fashion.

Now, Bitton is offering his Buffalo Jeans in fashion retailers around the world in over 40 countries and in cities such as New York and London. From fancy boutiques to you local Macy's, you can find the perfect pair of Buffalo's that fit you.

And its Canadian! Eh.

Here are some that I just purchased at The Bay at Metrotown!

Wish I had some more money or I'd buy this one!

Oh, next pay cheque for sure!

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